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Below are our Frequently Asked Questions. If you need any additional help with this site at this time, please Click Here to email the webmaster.


What is the CEO Club?

Full Member

The CEO Club is the world's oldest and largest not-for-profit educational association for CEOs and entrepreneurs. Membership is by invitation only. There are over 5000 members internationally who represent all areas of businesses, whether they be private, public, or family-owned. Members run businesses with an average of $20 million in annual sales. There are currently over 300 lifetime members. Members' companies must have annual sales of over $2 million, though, some exceptions may apply. The club has dozen chapters in China in December 2002 and we encourage you to come and visit. There are chapters of the CEO clubs in the Philippines, Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and India. The club has sponsored a joint conference with the sister Academy of Chief Executives in England. There are chapters in Boston, New York, Baltimore, Washington and Dallas TX.  

Entrepreneurial Member

This membership is open to everyone. It allows a person to sample the full CEO Clubs membership by attending one meeting annually of both the main club and the PAC.


CEO Club Applications



What are the benefits and costs of joining the Chief Executive Officers' Club (CEO Club)?

Membership in the CEO Club is by invitation and guests are encouraged to attend several meetings to obtain two sponsors for membership. All CEO Club meetings in all the chapters are free to CEO Club members. Entrepreneurial members can attend additional meetings by paying a guest fee. There are at least eight CEO Club meeting annually in each of the chapters. The meetings are most often luncheon meetings featuring a speaker on a topic of interest to CEOs growing businesses with about $20,000,000 in annual sales. The morning session features roundtables on topics of interest to members. The tuition for CEO Club membership includes a onetime $750 initiation fee, plus $1,500 for a one-year membership. The CEO Club holds an annual member exchange among all the international chapters.



What is the CEO Club mission statement?

The Chief Executive Officer's Club is a Nonprofit Organization, Which Creates a Nurturing Environment for CEOs Dedicated to Improving the Quality and Profitability of Their Enterprises Through Shared Experience and Personal Growth.



Can you sum up the purpose of the CEO Club in a simple phrase?

No, but others like to say members say, "It's OK to have fun if you are making money." Or, "It's okay to be independent but there's no reason to be alone." He like to include a statement about learning as well.



May I come to a meeting, courtesy of the CEO Club if I am not a member?

Yes. You can attend a regional meeting if you are not a member. However, there is a guest fee for the drinks and lunch. You must be prepaid, as we do not accept registration payments at the door. The morning session of the Club meetings consists of private roundtables but you can join the group for drinks, lunch and the guest speaker at noon.



What is a Presidential Advisory Council (PAC)?

A Presidential Advisory Council, or PAC (WOLF PAC) is a group of about a dozen CEO members who serve as a mutual board of advisors for one another; a "mastermind" group. About 300 CEO Club members participate in a PAC. PAC members must sign mutual confidentiality agreements, agree to share detailed financial information, and not miss more than two consecutive meetings. They must be in control of a company and they need to have a minimum of 25 employees with at least $2,000,000 in annual sales. Sounding out issues or decisions with a knowledgeable, yet not directly involved peer group can significantly improve the CEOs' odds of success. A PAC group focuses on the host company's biggest problem or opportunities. The council then offers solutions and advice. A mastermind occurs at the end of a session as each member shares their ideas to aid the host. This is audio taped for the host to utilize as a reference. Confidentiality agreements are signed due to the sharing of financial information. Included in each meeting are recaps and current developments by the council members present. We call this "five minutes around", but it seldom only takes five minutes. A regional PAC meets eight times annually, at each member's business. Each meeting usually goes from 10 am to 5 pm. See related questions about Super PAC.



What is a Mastermind?

If you haven't experienced a mastermind you are in for a treat. One of the elements which differentiates the CEO Club's PACs from other similar boards of advisors is we are the only group which employs a mastermind. Other groups, which form CEOs into mutual boards of advisors, make a big mistake by not including a mastermind. These other groups conclude their sessions on a time criteria. "It's five o'clock lets go home". The CEO Club is unique because our PAC sessions end on a crescendo (that's a high note) with a mastermind. Here is how it works. At the end of the meeting, the facilitator makes sure there are no more questions. Once this is established, the tape recorder comes out and the mastermind begins. Each CEO offers the host up to three action steps, which they would do if they were in the shoes of the host. During a mastermind, it is the facilitator task to keep the host CEO silent to listen to advice from peers. This is the second hardest task for a PAC facilitator. The hardest task is setting the dates for future meetings. Consequently, we conclude a PAC with specific suggestions, which the CEO is free to consider and implement. All of this advice, about thirty-six related action steps, is put on an audiocassette, which is left with the host. When the mastermind is completed, members stay to answer or clarify their recommendations. Hosts have kept these recording for years and have listened to them numerous times. This final segment of the PAC is called the mastermind. If you'd like more information on the power of a mastermind, see Napoleon Hill's classic book "Think and Grow Rich". Almost a century ago, in chapter ten of that book, entrepreneurs began using masterminds with astonishing results. It's only six pages long but well worth the reading.



Does the CEO Club have an international chapter?

Yes, we have extensive international chapters in China, India, Dubai, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore and the Philippine.



What are the benefits and costs of joining a Presidential Advisory Council (PAC)?

Within the CEO Club, members chose to be members of smaller groups, which act as a mutual Board of Advisors for one another. Each PAC is lead by a paid facilitator. They meet at members companies for sessions that normally run from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Each member hosts a PAC meeting about once annually where his or her biggest problem or opportunity is the focus of the group. CEOs helping one another are a long-term positive investment for a CEO's personal growth. New members must be acceptable to the existing members. There are about a dozen regional PACs in the chapters. Fees for regional PAC members are in addition to CEO Club dues. All PAC members are also CEO Club members. Current fees for PAC membership are between $4,000 and 10,000 annually billed $1,000 per quarter. In addition, the CEO Club operates two international PACs where the members come from all over the world. These Super PAC are comprised of larger businesses, which meet for three, three-day weekends annually at resort locations. Currently, there are two of these PACs called the Super PAC and the Eagles PAC. Some CEO Club members are members of both the regional PAC and one of the Super PACs. The fee for the Super PAC is excess of $10,000 annually.



Can I attend a Presidential Advisory Council (PAC) meeting as a guest?

The answer to that question is it depends. Because PAC meetings are confidential, guests must also sign a confidentiality agreement. You must be approved to attend by the host (to be sure there is no conflict) and by the facilitator. There is no cost to attend the initial meeting as a guest. Dress is casual and lunch is served. If you are attending as a guest, you must send all the PAC members some information about you and your business before you attend. In that manner, everyone will be better acquainted with you when you meet. To join a PAC, you must be acceptable to existing members.



I understand the CEO Club sponsors a number of national events other than the management course. Can you describe these programs?

(See the Events section for more information.)


From time to time, the CEO Club conducts special events for the benefit of its members. These events vary as to purpose and place. Past examples include Joe Batten's one-day seminar on "Tough-Minded Team Building," Zig Ziglar's sales and golf tournament and Joe Sugarman's four-day Marketing Workshop. We are planning a joint effort with the Chief Executive Network.



What is the CEO Club's Super PAC?

he Super PAC is comprised of several dozen members who run businesses with average annual sales of about $50,000,000. This group meets for three, three-day weekends annually at resort locations. It's a work-hard-play-hard format and fun evening get-togethers are scheduled after a full day of business. It operates as do the other PACs, but members come from all around the world including Japan, England, and China.



What should I do if I have trouble viewing content on your website?

You can Click Here to email the webmaster.



How can I become a member of the Super PAC?

You must first attend a meeting as a guest. To join as a member, you must be acceptable to the group.



What is the Entrepreneurial CEO Clubs Membership?

It is an information service for entrepreneurial mangers, open to everyone. Including foreign companies, there are several thousand members. These members can become candidates for CEO Club membership. The $250 annual dues are in exchange for about $4,000 worth of goods by mail. The Entrepreneurial option provides value to members in the form of a regular information flow, discounted products and services - all by mail. This membership allows for access to the CEO Clubs health insurance plans.



Can you sum up the purpose of the Entrepreneurial Membership in a simple phrase?

No, but others like to say members say, "It's OK to be independent but there's no reason to be alone."



How did the CEO Club begin? When did it start?

Joe Mancuso resigned as the Chairman of the Management Department of a small engineering School in Massachusetts, Worcester Polytechnic Institute (W.P.I) to start the not-for-profit associations in 1977. He had previously organized the entrepreneurial alumni of the school and decided he wanted to make this his life long work but for a larger audience. In the early 1980's, Joe and his family moved to the SoHo section of Manhattan. Today the CEO Club is the oldest and largest not-for-profit association for CEO's and entrepreneur. It has been in downtown Manhattan for over three decades, currently across the street from the new York stock exchange.



Why is the CEO Club a non-profit association and exactly what does that mean?

When Joe Mancuso founded the association, he wanted it to be member based and supported. The association does not seek grants, gifts or government support. The CEO Clubs are charted as schools under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code. This means that gifts they receive are tax deductible to the donor. As a school or college, the associations do not always seek to maximize profits but to return any excess to the member as increased benefits.



I don't want to become a member of the CEO Club, but I'd still like to have access to the CEO Clubs health insurance. Can I do it?

I recall the old Groucho Marks joke which said:

"I wouldn't want to join an association which has such
dismal standards that it would accept me as a member."

Yes. This is all part of the $250 Entrepreneurial membership. Please view the Benefits section for further details.



Where can I get a newsletter?

We no longer send out a monthly printed Chief Executive Officers' newsletter. From time to time a special edition will go out by e-mail to our members. You can download digital versions of the newsletter by year in the Publications section. We still publish individual articles on various subjects in the Publications section, as well.



Do you still sell books and tapes?

Not as many as we used to sell. When we began, we sold several hundred different titles but today we give a way the audiocassettes or CDs of the CEO Club's luncheon talks. We also carry some of the Joe Mancuso's twenty-six (26) books. Mancuso's books and tapes have sold several million copies but in the past two decades, the CEO Clubs have directly sold only a few thousand copies of his works.



Can I get some information about the CEO Club and the Entrepreneurial option?

Yes. First send us your name and address, including your email address. We will send you an invitation to one of our upcoming events. Also, you can view our online Application.



What is the best part of your web site

That's hard to say because it depends on your needs. We believe the audiocassettes of past luncheon speakers are worth hearing live or down loading to a tape recorder. We have several dozen of these tapes on the web site and they are free in the Talks / Audios section. Another popular part to the website are Mancuso's work on getting a business loan and writing a business plan. We offer a dozen real life actual business plans to view free. Some of this material, all of which is free, are what others have said makes the website unique and valuable.



What are your business hours?

The office is open from 9:00AM to 5:00PM, Monday to Friday, Eastern Standard Time.



Can I come to the offices and speak to a representative about the CEO Clubs?

We office in Manhattan and coming to the office isn't nearly as effective as coming to one of the regional CEO Club meetings. It's more productive to meet our members than to meet the office staff.



May I speak to Joseph Mancuso?

When Joe is in the office, he'll take calls and emails from members at almost anytime. He often is accessible to members at odd hours. However, he loves voicemail and prefers to have messages left in his voicemail 212-978-8863.



How often is your website updated?

Major changes on the website usually take place on a monthly basis.



May I fax a press release for the newsletter?

We prefer to receive press releases by U.S. Mail rather than fax or Email. Send any press release to:

Business Editor
CEO Clubs, Inc.
333 West 86th Street - Suite 2422
New York, NY 10024



Do you accept article submissions from freelancers for your CEO Club Publications section?

Yes. Click Here to email your articles to the Webmaster. Only electronic submissions are accepted.

Please be advised that the does not pay for content. Full credit is given to authors for accepted article contributions.



I'd like to reach your membership as our services are directed at CEOs. Can I advertise in your newsletter or on your website?

We don't accept advertising in our monthly newsletter. However, our mailing list of about 55,000 CEOs is available for rent from Venture Communications - 212-684-4800.



May I purchase the mailing list of your members for the CEO Club?

We do not rent or sell the list of the CEO Club members. However, we have 35,000 CEOs on the mailing list we do rent from Venture Communications (212-684-4800). These are former members or someone who attended an event, or purchased something from the CEO Club.



What is the CEO Club's Management Course?

Our unique debate format contrasts two management styles, entrepreneurial and professional. It's a never-ending discussion and that what makes it so popular. These three days are clearly the flagship for our unique nonprofit association of CEOs. It's our best stuff. Another of the ingredients that make our three-day Management Course so popular is the diversity of the people who attend. This year's group will include a lot of returning alumni. That always increases the level of discussion/debate. At the management course, we like to say, "While the professional manager is skilled at protecting resources, the entrepreneurial manager is skilled at creating them."



How can I find out where the regional CEO Club meetings are held and who the chairperson of each regional chapter is?

You can find this information on the local pages provided for each of our national and international chapters on this website.





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