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May 2020

The CEO Clubs In Hainan







May 16th to 22nd, 2020 - The CEO CLUBS Return to Hainan Island, China 2020

*Final trip for Hainan in May 2020

China's "Hawaii"

International SuperPAC brochure used during March visit to Hainan - Click Here



CEO Clubs Building - Clearing House (finance)  - In Hainin China - 金融结算中心




CEO CLUBS: China Schedule

The entire trip is free to members and that includes, hotels, food, ground transportation . The only thing not paid is international air fare. We need your photo and full contact information and passport to book you on the trip. Be cautious and get a Chinese visa, although Hainan is visa free and tax free. We expect to be oversubscribed. Joe is in charge of non-Chinese attendees, while JP is in charge of a selection of Chinese guests. We plan to limit group to less than 100 people. We expect CEOs from other countries. I expect a dozen Americans to be with us.




Shangri-La Hotel, Haikou

Address: 256 Binhai Road, Xiuying District, Haikou, Hainan Province 570311 China
Phone: (86 898) 6870 7799
Website - Click Here

A wonderful five-star hotel with three hot springs, each at a different temperature. From the hot spring you can walk to ocean and swim in 85-degree ocean water.




red05_next.gif Arrive | Saturday, May 16th

Haikou airport pick-up with CEO CLUBS sign. We need your incoming flight details for check in at Shangri-La hotel in Haikou. All day free time. Big welcome dinner at 7pm in the hotel.

red05_next.gif Sunday, May 17th

7:30am to 9:00am — Hotel Breakfast. Big beautiful buffet and tropical fruits. You will only need one suit and this best day for suit and tie.

9:00am to 12:30pm — First meeting for introductions of each person to the group.

12:30pm — Attending lunch together at hotel. Translators available at all sessions during non-meeting time and at each meeting.  We use headsets for English and Chinese.

3:00pm — Attending Groundbreaking Celebration for Global CEO Financial and Medical Building in Haikou City. Financed by Foxconn (Apple). Big opening day ceremony to open building including several hundred workers. Mayor of Haikou / Governor of Hainan Island (CRCC is our builder). It will be a big celebration. CRCC is the firm who has constructed all China's high-speed trains, including the one that circles around Hainan Island.

7:00pm — Big Celebration Dinner with CRCC, governor, mayor, Foxconn and local new Haiku members and government officials at hotel.

red05_next.gif Monday, May 18th

7:30am to 9am — Hotel Breakfast Morning meeting as everyone will be able to tell their story and meet new members and have some free time.

12:00pm — Lunch big buffet at the hotel. We will have group dinner with government and local CEOs but you will have free time to swim and soak in hot springs and enjoy the luxury of the hotel.

7:00pm — Big Dinner welcome from Chinese CEOs and government and new members.

red05_next.gif Tuesday, May 19th

7:30am to 9:00am — Hotel Breakfast.

9:00am — Meeting in Haikou for continuing member introductions and business exchanges. See some exciting new CEO CLUBS projects as this Island is the jewel of China. Reminds me of Hawaii and the Florida Keys.

12:00pm — Lunch and free time.

2pm to Evening — Free time to soak in hot Springs or swim in 85°F ocean.

Final dinner at 7pm in Haikou.

red05_next.gif Wednesday, May 20th


Breakfast together at hotel.

12:00pm — Lunch big buffet at the hotel.

2:00pm — Check out hotel and then depart by high speed train to Sanya; luggage to precede us by bus. Stay at the nicest hotel in the world, seven-star Atlantis Hotel. It is seven stars and on the ocean. Here is website - 
Click Here

7:00pm — Big Dinner with Sanya CEOs at Atlantis at 7pm. Hotel has several non-Chinese restaurants and the steak house is terrific. The Atlantis, in my opinion, is much superior to the Burj in Dubai.

red05_next.gif Thursday, May 21st

7:30am to 9am — Breakfast at the memory making Atlantis Hotel. It is a show...

12:55pm — Lunch. Many options open for this location. Group meeting to meet local Sanya CEOs. Afternoon opportunity to see city and to go swimming and use hot springs, play golf, massage, shopping.

7:00pm — Big Dinner with the sponsors other CEO Clubs vacation villas, a different CEO Club project.

red05_next.gif Friday, May 22nd

7:00am to 9am — Breakfast together at the hotel.

10:00am — Boat cruise to see big White Buddha in the middle of the ocean. Biggest tourist attraction in Sanya, crowded by car. More fun viewing from a yacht.

Final chance to swim, soak or shop; or visit with new friends you made on this trip.



Make preparations for your return home or to visit other Chinese cities.  There are only two non-stops from Sanya airport to Hong Kong daily; one at 1:45pm on Hong Kong airlines and the other at 9:45pm on Dragon air (AA). The price is $250 for these tickets, a ninety-minute flight, in economy. There is no business class. We will need your cash payment when you arrive in Haikou on the first day to arrange the seat for you. More alternative flights are available from Haikou but many of you will have round trip tickets and not need this leg of the trip. You may want to take high speed train back to Haikou airport with more flights.

Notes:  The total trip is 6 nights and 7 days. | Haikou - 3 nights, 3.5 days | Sanya - 3 nights, 3.5 days.

Shanghai, Hong Kong and Macao will be separate trips next year.

We will only book and pay for your rooms when we see your airline tickets and passports. This is done by May and JP.




red05_next.gif Saturday, May 23rd

Travel day to return home for Memorial day which is May 25th.



April showers bring May Flowers.

*Karla and I have birthdays in May, and a wedding anniversary, and a daughter named May, and JP’s partner is May.









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