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Eleven CEO  Clubs Master Talks!

The CEO Clubs Top Ten Audio Luncheon Talks
Plus, Mancuso's 10 Tips For Writing A Wining Business Plan


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•    Frank "Catch Me If You Can" Abagnale
•    Bill Bartmann - Bankrupt Billionaires
•    Jack Canfield - Chicken Soup Of The Soul
•    Kurt Eichenwald - Enron
•    Bernard Harris - Astronaut
•    Joe Mancuso - Business Plans
•    Pat McGovern - IDG
•    David Neeleman - JetBlue
•    Tony Parinello - Selling to VITO
•    Pete Peterson - Blackstone
•    Ted Turner - Outrageous!


"Over the past thirty-five years, The CEO CLUBS have sponsored hundreds of luncheons appealing to CEOs of companies with average annual sales of about $20,000,000. If you attended all the luncheons, you would have spent about $60,000. Of course you would have enjoyed drinks and lunch and the company of your peers. We have converted over 200 of these luncheons talks to MP3 format and placed them on the website. You can download them for an MP3 player or order the CD. Here are the eleven most popular talks. Some of these are truly jewels and like a good wine, they age well. They are a mini MBA program."


Frank Abagnale Part 1 | Part 2 | The CON man tells the best stories and beats out Ted Turner as the most listened to tape in CEO club history. This will totally surprise you as it's more a message about kids and family and business than about being a criminal. Many CEO Club families listen to it together in their cars on long trips.



Frank Abagnale | The best talk in CEO Clubs history by the "con-man"!



Bill Bartmann | A man who has been a millionaire three times, been bankrupt twice, and been a billionaire once. This will be quite a different CEO Club talk. Bill Bartmann, author of "Billionaire", tells a breathtaking personal tale reminiscent of the story told more than a decade ago by the conman, Frank Abagnale. Frank ("Catch Me If You Can") addressed the CEO CLUBS on twenty-one different occasions in the late 1980s and his free talk is still the most popular on our website.



Jack Canfield | Jack Canfiled, originator of the NY Times #1 best selling book series, CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL. With more than seventy-five titles in print and over eighty million copies sold (that is not a typo), Jack is a world-renowned expert at changing lives. Behind the empire Time Magazine called "the publishing phenomenon of the decade" is America's leading expert on creating peak performance.



Kurt Eichenwald | Come have lunch with the author of a true story of the collapse of a Fortune 50 company, Enron. An investigative reporter from the New York Times, Kurt Eichenwald, has written a 750-page thriller about America's biggest corporate scandal. His message and story has a direct impact on the role of the CEO in corporate America. Mr. Eichenwald's website is a reference source for CEOs at:  



Bernard Harris, Jr., M.D. | Defining himself as a "dreamer who believes nothing is impossible," Bernard A. Harris, Jr., M.D. is an accomplished NASA astronaut, physician and businessman. He currently serves as president of The Harris Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization he founded in 1998 to develop math/science education and crime prevention programs for America's youth. This first African American to perform space walk also heads up a telemedicine venture capital firm.



Mancuso: 10 Tips For Writing a Winning Business Plan | Save yourself days in preparation.



Patrick J. McGovern | Founder and Chairman of International Data Group (IDG), the world's leading technology publishing, research and event management company, with annual revenues in 2002 of $2.58 billion. 



David Neeleman | While the airline Industry is in chapter eleven, one airline has grown dramatically with an innovative entrepreneurial CEO, Mr. David Neeleman. This talkdetailsthe management style of one of America's premier entrepreneurs who has just placed an order for one hundred new planes while competitors are trying to match his superior service.



Anthony Parnello | Tony is the author of the bestseller - Selling to the Very Important Top Officer (VITO). His message of how to sell to CEOs is practical and delivered in a highly entertaining method.



Pete Peterson | Founder of Blackstone, the Peterson Foundation, and Ranked Highly Among the Forbes Four Hundred.



Ted Turner | The best in the business -- "Early to bed, early to rise, work like hell and advertise." He delighted 300 CEOs at NYC's Harvard Club and he was wonderfully outrageous.







[1] The First of Six Tapes: Overview

[2] ThumbnailHow To Write A Winning Business Plan



[3] ThumbnailHow To Start Or Buy Your Own Business

[4] ThumbnailDefinition Of Entrepreneurial, Ready Fire Aim



[5] ThumbnailThinking Out Of The Box

[6] ThumbnailHow To Borrow Money Without Signing Your Life A Way





Ziad K. Abdelnour | Ziad Abdelnour, the founder of a firm whose name evokes images of war-room strategizing. The underlying Philosophy of Blackhawk Partners investment approach consists of filling in the funding gap between angel funding and major private equity groups by being the lead investor and supplying all the capital required through exit. Working with "killer teams" to build great businesses, Blackhawk's first, last, and foremost respect is for the individual.



Jay Abraham | A marketing guru, shares his methods on increasing sales by developing referals.



Wally "Famous" Amos | Chocolate Chip Cookies: An inspirational motivator.



Ken Boxley | Using wealth created as an entrepreneur to help others via education.



Michael A. Boylan | "Learn How To Compress Your Time-To-A-Deal by 25-50% And Close Larger Deals With Increased Margin With The Accelerant Process”. The highest-rated keynote speaker of the Microsoft World Fusion Conventions, Michael A. Boylan, CEO of Accelerant and Best-Selling Author of Accelerants discusses how The Accelerant Process has financially impacted Fortune 1000, mid-sized, and smaller organizations, and how it could help your business grow more efficiently!



Duane Cashin | Motivating Your Audience to Embrace and Implement New Ideas! Duane Cashin is an author and motivational speaker whose talks are delivered with a high level of energy and passion. Humor is sprinkled liberally throughout his talks and his learning points are all made through the use of very well told stories and facts/references from the current business world!



Victor Cheng | Victor Cheng is an expert at showing business owners how to survive and even thrive during an economic downturn. He offers concrete and useable methods of turning lemons into lemonade and he focuses on doing this for CEOs.



Russell Cleveland | You will see why for thirty years we have said, "It's ok to have fun while you are making money". In a worst case scenario you will gain insight into the currently available investments in Russell's NASDAQ portfolio. There just might be a few big winners among this group and you heard it first here. As a best case you will gain insight into the ingredients CEO's need to create wealth. In the book, FINDING MIDAS, CEO CLUB founder, Joe Mancuso says, "Russell knows more about CEO wealth creation than anyone I know".



Jeff Cohen | Listen to this audio and learn why you should never buy a share of stock again. Jeff Cohen brings his risk management stock market approach to CEO Clubs!



Herb Cohen Part 1 | Part 2 | The most entertaining and informative talk on negotiating you'll ever hear.



Bill Comer | This non-lawyerwrote the Asset Protection best book in the subject.



Tim Connors | For twenty-five years, Tim Connor, CSP, the author of over 45 books, has been educating and inspiring audiences worldwide. He has given over 4,500 presentations in twenty countries. His message for CEOs is condensed from some of his best-sellers like The Soft Sell, The Ancient Scrolls and That's Life. His website at is a reference source for CEOs.



General Will Creech | Hundreds claim one of our best luncheon talks.



Dr. John Duncan | Heart disease and cancer are CEO killers. A free ninety-minute talk on cancer and heart disease prevention was delivered by Dallas CEO Club member, Dr. John Duncan, to the Boston Chapter recently. John tells the value of a full body scan using his Electron Beam Topography technology specifically for CEOs. Additionally, he tells about a 'virtual, non-invasive colonoscopy' in a technical talk which has already saved the lives of several members.



Ken Fisher | A 22-year columnist for Forbes Magazine will share his vision of where the economy is going. His Forbes market forecasts have been among the most accurate published anywhere by anybody. Ken Fisher is ranked #320 on Forbes list of the richest Americans. He manages over $30 billion of assets and is the author of three major finance books.



Jack Sims / Scott Gross Doubleheader | Scott literally climbed mountains, sailed the seas, and took to the skies to discover the secrets to building and leading high performance teams. Work a baker's dozen of unusual, sometimes dangerous, always interesting jobs and what do you get? A most unusual management book, Borrowed Dreams, and a pocketful of adventures that reveal the nature of the work and the worker.



Dr. John Hagelin | After all, to become a CEO, you have to be pretty smart and have to be doing most activities pretty well. But the transition from “good to great” is much easier if your brain can function at a higher level. Come and see for yourself how Dr. John Hagelin can make this happen for you. When you see with your own eyes, it is enlightening. It will be one the CEO Clubs’s most unusual and thought provoking experiences.



Tom Handler | A nationally prominent expert on integrating tax planning, financial and estate planning, asset protection and business planning, with an emphasis on international advanced planning.



Verne Harnish | What is the underlying handful of fundamentals that drive everything else that’s important in business? What is still fundamental today in building a successful firm that hasn’t changed for over a hundred years? Let me triangulate into an answer while providing an overview of the key concepts I will present for the CEO Clubs.



Laszlo Horvath | Maximize Your Online Exposure! is your website generating traffic from the major search engines? This session is narrowly focused on improving the reach of member websites. A chance to turn your website from a cost center to a profit generator. If he can do it for us, he can do it for you.



Laszlo Horvath 2 | Learn to improve your visibility, sales and profits with Laszlo Horvath. Talk about take home value. This session is narrowly focused on improving the reach of member websites. A chance to turn your website from a cost center to a profit generator.



Bill Hulbig | A long time member of the Boston chapter who lives on a spectacular beachfront Cape Cod estate, Bill Hulbig sold his primary business (twice) and has become the classic angel investor. Along with his money comes his advice. Money follows advice and Bill will offer take-home value from experiences which he found work.



Richarard Humphrey | One of the surest ways to burn a bundle has been investing in on-demand air travel via small planes. In the last decade, a mix of startup airlines and aircraft manufacturers have torched some $1.5 billion, hoping to ferry last-minute business customers among tiny U.S. airports. Onto this perilous runway rolls Richarard Humphrey, 42, and Curtis Brunjes, 47, founders of Kavoo, and air-taxi service launched in April of 2009 and headquartered in Danbury, Connecticut.



Ron Karr | Ron Karr, CEO of Karr Associates, Inc. talks about "Seven Leadership Traits That Will Double, Triple and even Quadruple the Size of most Deals!" In today's world, to be a top producing sales person, you need to exhibit the key traits of successful leaders.  To build a high performing sales culture, you need to build a team of leaders within the sales and other areas to be successful.  Selling today is not an individual sport.  It is a team sport.  There are communications between the buyer and seller at all levels that requires a team effort! Being a sales leader can be the difference between closing a $10,000 and a $100,000 deal.  It is the difference between selling enterprise wide solutions and transactional sales.  Transactional sales are commodity driven deals.  Enterprise wide solutions are based on value and results in cross selling of all relevant goods and services.



Dan Kennedy | Author, speaker: shows how to use direct response marketing to increase sales today.



Al Lautenslager | Distilled from the best-selling "marketing" book series in history (with more than 14 million copies sold worldwide in 39 languages), Guerrilla Marketing In 30 Days encourages busy CEOs to hurdle the excuses of time, money, or motivation, and take dynamic strides toward new client acquisition and increased sales by following a 30-day marketing blueprint. His message for CEOs is condensed from some of his best seller, Guerrilla Marketing In 30 Days. His website is a reference source for CEOs at: .



Guy Levine | "Attention CEO: Why your company could be loosing thousands because of your ineffective internet strategy. My name is Guy Levine and the CEO Clubs of America have invited me to share my most secret profit enhancing Internet strategies with you. These very same strategies my existing CEOs clients pay me tens of thousands for, and earn me in excess of $60,000 per month."



James R. Lucas | Previously a CEO and senior leader in a number of organizations, James R. Lucas is the author of fourteen books, including five recent, acclaimed books on high-impact leadership, designing high-performance organizations, and identifying and conquering the Fatal Illusions that keep organizations from top-tier performance. He consistently challenges conventional wisdom about common business obstacles and has been recognized as a provider of thought-leadership on a variety of leadership topics for more than 20 years.



Harvey MacKay | One of America's most popular business speakers and authors.



Mayor Laura Miller | Laura Miller has demonstrated her investigative skills with her earlier Journalistic career, and her support for a better life for the citizens of Dallas has been the hallmark of her early work as Mayor. She also has a series of programs to attract business and help businesses grow and she will detail these efforts in her talk.



Kamal Mustafa | This NY CEO Club and Super PAC member founded BlueStone Capital about four years ago. Today, this legend employs close to 400 people and has raised millions of dollars for hundreds of businesses. He details the concept behind the CEO Club Investment Fund, headed by Graham Sampson of ECI in Wayne, N.J. See his Web site for more details at



Ted Nicholas Part 1 | Part 2 | Secrets from the legend.



Cash Nickerson, Mucho.Com | Seven Steps to an Internet start-up and beyond.



Bob Orenstein | Learn how Bob Orenstein sold international wine accessories.



W. Clifford Oxford | Having launched a three-time Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Company to endowing Emory University’s top-10 ranking Executive MBA program, W. Cliff Oxford is bridging the gap between Harvard and hard knocks. Currently presiding over the fastest-growing entrepreneurial education company, Entrepreneur Advisors, Inc, Oxford brings talent and experience to entrepreneurial industry. Today, his experience, expertise, and knowledge are highly sought after making him the leader in entrepreneur education.



Tony Parinello Part 1 | Part 2 | Tony has made a career of teaching salespeople to penetrate CEOs. His books and seminars have set records and trained thousands. His prior CEO CLUB luncheon talk (below), which is free on our website has been among our most popular. Now, he is back and talking about a more recent book, "How To Get The Second Appointment".



Tony Parinello - Selling To The VITO | Tony has made a career of teaching salespeople to penetrate CEOs. His books and seminars have set records and trained thousands. His prior CEO Club luncheon talk, which is free on our website has been among our most popular. Now, he is back and talking about a more recent book, "How To Get The Second Appointment".



Rick Peterson | How the most successful professional athletes leverage competencies, process, and behavior to achieve peak performance, and how your business can too.



Jeanine Pirro | The Republican candidate for the State Attorney General from New York, Jeanine Pirro. She has just completed her third, four year term as the Chief Law Enforcement Office in Westchester County as she is running for the Attorney General.



Bob Price | The Former Chairman and CEO of CONTROL DATA shares how he did it. Have lunch with Bob Price and hear his wisdom on managing the creative process. His new book, "The Eye For Innovation" is easy to read and full of practical use for CEO Club sized businesses.



Mark L. Ricciardelli | Securing debt financing in today's credit tight world is extremely difficult. Even with a terrific credit worthy corporation, lenders insist on the owners also offering personal guarantees on corporate debt. That can be very unsettling and spouses are often required to add their guarantees and that makes everything even more unsettling. Asterisk Financial, Inc. (Asterisk) developed the Personal Guarantee Insurance™ policy, creating a new category of insurance designed to offer relief from the emotional and financial hardship that can result from signing a personal guarantee. As an experienced Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Ricciardelli brings global management experience across a variety of insurance products, innovative leadership skills, and a track record of building strong leadership teams.



Marcos Rodriguez | CEO at Aspen Real Estate Company, Founder at Aspen Preferred Properties, CEO at Founder Aspen Business Brokers. - "My experience is in entrepreneurship, buying and selling businesses, venture capital, equity investment, business strategy, company and brand positioning, marketing, technology, internet and computing, advertising, radio & TV media, and family legacy-building."



Richard M. Rodnick | Dick Rodnick is credited with creating the merger and acquisition business for CEO CLUB sized businesses in the U.S. He is the founder and CEO of RSM EquiCo, a middle market investment-banking firm. He also founded the Geneva Corporation, a firm that helps CEO’s buy and sell companies. Most agree, Mr. Rodnick is the leading authority on buying and selling our sized businesses. He is the master Deal-maker.



Chester Santos | We've all been there: Walking into a meeting with multiple attendees and suddenly you can't recall the names of several of the key players you know you've met them before. You're hoping someone will cue you, but it doesn't happen. What next? Every CEO knows how important memory is in the business world. In this unique and interactive introduction to Memory Training, you will receive and overview of effective memory techniques for remembering the names of clients and business acquaintances. You will also be exposed to methods that can enable you to have "instant" access to vital business information.



Yanik Silver | The Maverick behind Maverick Business Adventures is as colorful and inspirational as we had in 33 years. He is recognized as one of the leading experts on web marketing even though he still considers himself a 'techno dunce'. His story and businesses have been featured on the cover "Millionaire Blue Prints" magazine, inside Business 2.0, Fox Business News,, USA Today,, MSN Money,, The Boston Globe, Denver Business Journal and many others. Yanik is a highly sought after speaker addressing groups ranging from the prestigious Wharton Business School to international audiences of 3,000 and up.



Jack Sims | "Your brand is only as good as I say it is...I am your customer!" If marketing is important to your business you will want to hear from a person who built the largest marketing agency in America. Jack Sims founded not 1 but 2 businesses from scratch and they both became national in size. His second grew from his apartment in White Plains, New York, to become the largest and #1 ranked Marketing Agency in America. His clients have included some of the biggest and best known brands on the planet!



Jack Sims / Scott Gross Doubleheader | Scott literally climbed mountains, sailed the seas, and took to the skies to discover the secrets to building and leading high performance teams. Work a baker's dozen of unusual, sometimes dangerous, always interesting jobs and what do you get? A most unusual management book, Borrowed Dreams, and a pocketful of adventures that reveal the nature of the work and the worker.



Phil Sorentino | The Legend, humor consultant, Phil Sorentino delivers concrete and valuable take-home wisdom for CEOs. Phil has the unique ability to relax his audience.



Eliot Spitzer | One of New York's most popular governors talks about his views on current events and his future plans. "Where we have been and where we are going".



Mark Stevens | It's time to declare war on yourself and your company! Mark Stevens is a best-selling author, CEO of MSCO, a results-driven management and marketing firm, and a popular media commentator on a host of business matters including marketing, branding, management, and sales.  He is known for delivering business insights with blunt truths and unconventional wisdom.



W. Clement Stone | His insurance giant was also the founder of Success magazine and The Positive Mental Attitude (PMA). His talk at the age of 86 years was an inspiration to everyone. His message and impact will live forever.



Joe Sugarman, CEO, Js & A | Wisdom from a Direct Response genius who does the Blu Blocker sunglass infomercial.



David Thomas | David Thomas is a memory expert and his abilities and life story are inspirational. Come and join the Clubs for drinks, lunch and to hear from David. This is sure to be sold out. David will show you how a CEO can help improve his or her recall about issues vital to a CEO.



Dan Warmenhoven | Building A Model Business Is A Step By Step Process... Dan Warmenhoven is the chief executive officer of Network Appliance, Inc., a leader in enterprise data management and open network storage solutions. Under Warmenhoven's leadership, Network Appliance has grown to become a multi-billion dollar company and is now recognized as a market leader in network storage - a concept the company helped pioneer.



Harry West | Harry West guides the strategic direction and global growth of Continuum. He is an experienced innovation practitioner: engaging with clients, understanding global consumers, and designing innovation. He travels and learns constantly to stay connected with real needs in our rapidly changing world.







(The following files require the RealPlayer. If you don't have it, Click Here to get it.)


Abagnale, Frank | The best talk in CEO Clubs history by the "con-man"!

Jay Abraham | A marketing guru, shares his methods on increasing sales by developing referals.

Amos, Wally "Famous" | Chocolate Chip Cookies: An inspirational motivator.

Barrows, Sydney Biddle , Mayflower Madame Part 1 | Part 2 | Entertaining & interesting insight from the book and the movie.

Bloomberg, Michael Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | The legend who is creating an international media empire.

Bororian, Don | Francorp & Jules Lederer Founder, Budget Rent-A-Car: The "How To" of Franchising Health/Nutrition.

Boxley, Ken Part 1 | Part 2 | The Boxley Foundation: Using wealth Created as an entrepreneur to help others via education.

CEO Highlights Part 1 | Part 2

CEO Humor | These are the jokes at the CEO Club's Three-Day Management Course Awards Dinner in August of 2000, when about four-dozen CEOs attended the course held at the Ritz Carlton in Laguna Niguel, CA. The group works ten-hour days for three days and celebrates with an awards dinner on the last day of the program. For the first time in twenty years, we recorded a 90-minute audiocassette of the evening dinner party. This tape was created after the cocktail party and while the wine was flowing freely. The structure of the evening is to announce the various awards: Most Congenial, Most Likely To Succeed...etc. Each award winner was required to tell a CEO joke.

Cohen, Herb Part 1 | Part 2 | The Power Negotiations Institute: The most entertaining and informative talk on negotiating you'll ever hear.

Collings. Robert | How to be the best CEO you can be.

Comer, Bill | Asset Protection: Lawsuit avoidance -- this non-lawyer wrote the Asset Protection best book in the subject.

Crawford, Robert Part 1 | Part 2 | Brook Furniture Rental: How my 9 store chain did a LBO of a 56 store chain.

Creech, General Bill | Hundreds claim one of our best luncheon talks.

Dallas Morning Roundtable Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 2 tells of three CEOs selling their businesses in the same month.

Devos, Richard Part 1 | Part 2 | Amway: This is a jewel!

Fildes, Robert | Cetus Corp.: The Biotechnology wizard.

Filson, Brent | Executive Speeches: How 53 CEOs did their speeches.

Gordon, Bernard | Analogic: An electronics industry maverick.

Grace, Peter | W. R. Grace & Co.: Government Waste in a humorous talk.

Hailey, Walter Part 1 | Part 2 | Selling tips from the master of the Power of Persuasion.

Harp, Lori | Vector and Aplex: La Fonelle (Funnel) for the ladies.

Houk, JT Doc | Setting up a charitable foundation.

Jordan, Mary 'Aggie' | Goal Setting: How an ex-nun built a service business from nothing to 400 employees.

Joseph, Fred | Drexel, Burnham, Lambert: The story BEFORE the SEC Settlement.

Jutkins, Ray Rocket | Direct mail marketing.

Kelleher, Herb | Southwest Airlines: This maverick has taught all the bigboys how to run an airline.

Kennedy, Dan | Author and speaker: Shows how to use Direct Response Marketing to increase sales today.

Kiam, Victor | Remington Razor: My wife bought me a razor, I bought the company.

Kimsey, Jim | One of the founders of America Online shares his experiences with the internet giant.

Levy, James | Activision: Before the Hiccup -- This one grew faster than the Apple Corp.

Lipper, Art | Venture Magazine: The message from the entrepreneur's entrepreneur.

Little, Royal | The father of the conglomerate.

Lowe, Ed | Kitty Litter: World views from a legend.

Mancuso: 10 Tips For Writing a Winning Business Plan | Save yourself days in preparation.

Mancuso: 20 Things a CEO Must Know | The basics of the job of CEO.

Mancuso: 5 Greatest Blunders | Five Greatest Marketing Blunders of the Century: These are classics, costing billions of dollars.

Mancuso: Fun And Guts | Fun and Guts: Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?

Mancuso: How to Get a Business Loan? | Adapted from his book.

McCabe, Tom | The year 2000 crisis.

McKaskey, Mike | Owner, Chicago Bears: His comments on Jim McMahon are precious.

Miller, Big Jim Part 1 | Part 2 | Miller Office Furniture & Supplies: Using service to build a $100,000,000 business.

Mustafa, Kamal | Building a financial services business.

Myers, Ronald | Professional Management: Managing a growing business professionally.

Myrna, John | Strategic Planning: How to develop a full fledged strategic plan three days from right now.

Newman, Jim | Author of Release your brakes tells how to reach peak performance.

Nicholas, Ted | Direct Marketing: Secrets from the legend.

Nickerson, Cash | Building an internet startup and merging it with a public company.

Nierenberg, Gerry | The Negotiating Institute: Tips from the Master of Negotiation.

O'Connor, Dennis | Attorney: How to Raise Capital via a Public Stock Offering.

Pena, Dan | Quantum Leap: If you want to hunt with the big dogs you'll spend a week at Dan's 45,000 sq. ft. Guthrie Castle in Scotland.

Pickens, T. Boone | Mesa Petroleum: The inside Story by the person who drew the largest crowd.

Quilliin, Doctor Patrick | Cancer Treatment Center of America: vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in one of the most useful of all CEO talks.

Rodnick, Richard | The Geneva Corp. -- Practical tips on How to buy or sell a business from the founder of the biggest firm in the business.

Schimel, Barry | 101 ways to increase your profits.

Schulman, Nat | Best Chevrolet and DickCaravati - DMA Group: How to grow a family business franchising.

Schwartz, Robert | Tarrytown Conference Center: The school for the entrepreneurs.

Siegel, Mo Part 1 | Part 2 | Founder, Celestial Seasonings Tea: How to grow a business by an expert who did it.

Silver, David | Author/Venture Capitalist: Insights into Raising Capital.

Smith, Fred | The founder of Federal Express.

Stone, W. Clement | Positive Mental Attitude (PMA): A motivational message from an insurance giant.

Storytelling Part 1 | Part 2

Sugarman, Joe Part 1 | Part 2 | JS&A: Wisdom from a Direct Response genius who does the Blu Blocker sunglass infomercial.

Sullivan, Billy | Football: When he owned the Boston Patriots.

Sullivan, Steve | Selling at the speed of mach one.

Ziglar, Zig Part 1 | Part 2 | See You At The Top - His special message to CEOs and Entrepreneurs.





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